The MWUF Summit is simply a conduit for farmers to learn and collaborate with each other

To that end, we are also excited to be hosting a number of interactive installations that will encourage farmers to connect and share knowledge with each other outside of the workshop and presentation rooms.  On top of these installations, there will also be a Tool Share, so bring the tool you think every urban farmer should know about.  We’ll also be hosting Seed Swap, so bring the seeds you aren’t planning on using this season.  There will also be a Library, so please bring any books or pamphlets that you think other people would want to peruse.

Please come prepared to share!

Resource Fair

On Saturday from 9-5, there will be experts on hand to look through your business plan, financial sheets, crop plan, and any other legal issues you may be facing.


Soil Testing

Due to legacy pollution, soils in (peri)urban environments can contain heavy metals such as lead. Testing soils for these heavy metals is the first step to ensuring the safety of those who benefit from using soils, including not just consumers but also farmers (and even livestock). Get your soils screening for free at the Midwestern Urban Farmers Summit on Saturday, March 10. Analysis by portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) means that your soil will be screened then-and-there for lead and other heavy metals in 30 seconds, providing you with immediate results. For best results, bring a dry soil sample in a clear plastic ziplock (2 cups). Up to 5 soil samples per individual will be screened.


Once you know you are coming to the summit, fill out our RSVP form.